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We have a intensive practical and comprehensive hydroponic course. read more...

We design, manufacture and erect all tunnels.

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For our students of the hydroponic course we have a luxurious fully furnished guesthouse. contact us now...


Our Courses!

Hefer Construction is accredited by the Agri-SETA and has developed a practical hydroponic learning course. This is an intense learning school with 2 day and 1 week courses where everything needed to know to run a successful hydroponic business is taught and practiced. An instruction manual has been developed with detailed information on the following:

  • Plant growth.
  • Definition, advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics.
  • Planning of a production unit.
  • Tunnel structures.
  • Site- preparation.
  • Tunnel erection and tunnel drainage.
  • Irrigation and climate control.
  • Preparation after tunnel-erection.
  • Growth instructions for tomato, cucumber and pepper production.
  • Plant pests and diseases and how to control them.
  • Harvesting and packing.
  • Marketing.

For the students of the hydroponic course we have a luxurious, fully furnished guesthouse. For more information please